ООО Gavilon Ukraine 

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ООО Gavilon Ukraine 

Gavilon is a leading commodity management firm, connecting producers and consumers of feed, food and fuel through our global supply chain network.

Gavilon sets its sights on becoming the most efficient provider of essential commodities and services to improve the world’s standard of living.

Gavilon’s operating segments are Grain and Ingredients (Gavilon manages the third largest grain merchandising operation and leading feed ingredient business in the United States), Fertilizer (Gavilon operates one of the most efficient fertilizer distribution networks in the world, originating and distributing nitrogen, phosphate and potash products to wholesale distributors), Energy (Gavilon operates a physical storage, transportation and logistics network, purchasing crude oil, refined products, natural gas, natural gas liquids and renewable fuels from producers, and selling and distributing these products to refineries, industrial companies, power producers, local distribution companies and other wholesale markets).

Our expertise in origination, storage and handling, transportation and logistics, marketing and distribution, and risk management of these segments provides a critical link in the global supply chain.

At Gavilon, we are committed to doing business with utmost respect for our customers and suppliers, our global community, and our environment. We continually seek new ways to lower costs, speed time to market and drive greater efficiency and value for our partners.

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